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Best 4 Business Communications offer a variety of business broadband deals, tailored around your business. We work with multiple suppliers throughout the UK, to ensure our clients receive the best possible business broadband connection available to them. As we have business partnerships with multiple carriers, we are able to compare prices and offer the best possible prices through the UK.

✓ ADSL 2+ – This broadband connection is currently the most common business broadband used throughout the UK.  ADSL2+ uses a standard phone line to deliver speeds of up to 20Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. The distance between your premises and the local exchange can have a significant effect on the download & upload speed.

✓ Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – Business fibre broadband (FTTC) is a connection delivered over fibre optic cable to the cabinet, and by copper into customer premises via an analogue line. These fibre optic cables to help increase broadband speed, and is often referred to as a ‘super-fast broadband’ or ‘next-generation broadband’ connection.  FTTC can deliver speeds of up to 80 meg download & 20 meg upload, depending on distance from the exchange / cabinet.

✓ Ethernet First Mile (EFM) –  EFM business broadband connections utilise copper pairs to deliver an unrestricted, ultrafast broadband connection. An EFM circuit is a private, uncontested connection for exclusive use by you and your business. As EFM connections are delivered over copper, there are usually no excess construction charges as you might get with a leased line, and can still deliver speeds of up to 20mb download & 20ms upload. The installation time is often much quicker than a leased line, and can often be 50% cheaper than a many leased line connections.

✓ Fibre Leased Line – A business broadband fibre leased line delivers the best possible internet connection for your business.  A leased line provides guaranteed upload & download speeds, and a business grade SLA. Leased lines are uncontested, so you can have your own connection from 10MB – 10GB. A leased line is the preferred choice for businesses where the internet is critical. Leased lines are a perfect fit for VoIP & Cloud telephony and IT solutions.

With all our business broadband packages, Best 4 Business Communications provides a static IP address free of charge so that you are able to connect to your business broadband network without hidden cost and charges.

Get Award-Winning Business Broadband

Get award-winning broadband

From ADSL2+ to Leased Lines, we provide competitive business broadband packages.

Broadband Type & Benefits

Business ADSL2+ Broadband Benefits

Quality of the copper phone line
Quality of cabling and equipment
Demand at peak/off-peak time (traffic)
Bad weather or EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

EFM Benefits

✓  Service – Your business can choose from up to 10-20mg speeds, with B4BC we supply an automatic fail-safe without service interruption. You will be up & running with no downtime. Ethernet first mile connections give your business the reliable upload & download speeds needed for SIP & VoIP solutions.

✓ Bandwidth – Your own private connection circuit which is not compromised by other business premises, get up to 10-20mg upstream & downstream, which is very effective for SIP & VoIP solutions.

✓ Support – With all of our business services we offer a great level of support & maintenance in the event that something does arise.

✓ Pricing – Great simple cost-effective pricing structures that keep your business connected with guaranteed upstream & downstream with no downtime.

✓ Reliability – Symmetrical speeds of up to 20mg

Leased Line Benefits

✓ Business Benefits – Businesses will pay a fixed monthly rate for a leased line, your business can plan a telecommunications budget due to monthly rates, a leased line cannot be accessed by other parties that are not specified by the network parameters. If your business is looking at VoIP & Cloud solutions or if you already have them in place, a leased line for business will strengthen your broadband reliability making Cloud & VoIP solutions more than viable for your business.

✓ No Compromise At Peak Time Usage – Because a leased line uses a higher grade of hardware, peak time usage will not cause quality levels to be compromised if there is an increase of usage. With standard broadband services, you can expect to see the quality of service dip whilst usage increases. A leased line also has higher bandwidth options, larger than 8Mbps – 10Mbps in many cases a leased line is the default choice for large enterprises.

✓ Higher Speeds – Higher speeds means a better quality of service for your businesses & employees. Higher speeds that will not get compromised when employee usage increases, a leased line gives your business strengthened reliability during busy usage times.

✓ Greater Bandwidth – From 64Kbps – 155Mbps etc, leased lines offer your business a great selection when it comes to bandwidth, with standard broadband this is not available.

✓ Reliable –  A leased line uses fibre-optic cables, leased lines, therefore, do not suffer from electrical interference. A leased line incorporates a higher grade of hardware, whilst offering a higher level of quality of service compared to standard broadband connections, take for example it would be more efficient for a business to run voice & video over a business leased line as it is much more stable than ADSL2+.

The B4BC Ethos

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Get award-winning broadband

From ADSL2+ to Leased Lines, we provide competitive business broadband packages.