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Business Calls & Lines Packages

✓ Analogue Lines 

B4BC can deliver analogue lines which can be used for small telephone systems and more commonly broadband.  An analogue line is a single copper cable that installed in your building by BT Openreach and terminated on a BT phone socket. B4BC can also deliver Analogue multiline, so you can have more than one call on one telephone number, perfect for an office with multiple extensions.

✓ B4BC SIP Trunks

BT has recently announced they will be switching off the ISDN network, this means UK businesses will need to switch to VoIP services before then. B4BC SIP trunks are the future of communications.

✓ What are SIP trunks?

SIP trunks or SIP Lines connect phone calls using VoIP technology (Voice over internet protocol) via the internet. Phone numbers and DDI’s are linked these trunks, so people calling your phone number notice no difference to calling a traditional telephone line, often the call quality is vastly improved!

✓ ISDN Lines

B4BC ISDN uses digital technology to deliver telephone calls. We offer both ISDN2 (which comes in pairs) and is designed for smaller businesses, and ISDN30 (which has a minimum of 8 channels) and is aimed at larger businesses. Some of the main benefits of switching to ISDN are;

✓ Call Quality

Digital phone calls offer greater clarity and quality over traditional analogue lines.

✓ DDI’s (Direct Dial Inbound numbers)

If you have a busy office you can assign each individual their own DDI number, so when someone calls in the call can be router directly to them through your PBX.

✓ Resilience

ISDN lines are more stable than a normal analogue line, we can also run in-depth diagnostics on ISDN channels.

✓ Multi-Party Conferencing

ISDN lines are great for multi-party conference calling due to the clarity and speed of the connection.

✓ Caller ID & Number Presentation

With B4BC ISDN you can present your phone number, and also track who is calling in. the number will be displayed using CLIP (Calling line identification presentation) or COLP (Connected line identification presentation)

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Bespoke Packages

Best 4 Business offers a variety of tariffs catering to all business requirements, B4BC rewards clients willing to commit for a longer period with reduced costs, & the peace of mind of fixed costs for the duration of the agreement period. Your business calls & line packages are equally as important your telephone systems, speak to an adviser today to see how Best 4 Business Communications can help save you money on your business phone calls. We are an award-winning service provider, winner of the comms business award for the best reseller of the year in 2015. We won’t be beaten on price by BT, get a quote today.

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In some cases, we are 97% cheaper than BT! Get your free analysis today.

Business Calls & Line Packages

Make it easy to manage your costs and simplify business operations with a consolidated Calls and Lines package. Our business call packages can not only streamline the day-to-day running of your company, they can also lower your overheads and help you respond quickly to any business changes.

Our packages work over analogue and ISDN lines, giving you the flexibility to take advantage of a range of features on all line types, including call divert and call barring, each with varying levels of resilience. New sites can be added easily and services extended as your business grows.

We understand that as a business, you need to be able to adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances. Whether you’re an expanding company or an established business, we offer scalable solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Choose from our Business Line, which provides you with a cost-effective and reliable way to make and receive calls, and our ISDN Complete package that includes line rental, direct dial-in number rental and a range of other features.

With more than two decades’ experience supporting companies, you can rely on us to provide a seamless service and excellent value for money. For more information on our business phone lines or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to contact our UK-based customer service team.

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