ISDN Switch Off Has Now Been Confirmed For 2025, Time To Switch To VoIP/Cloud & SIP

BT’s group CEO Gavin Patterson recently made a statement in regards to switching off ISDN & Analogue lines. BT intended to migrate all business customers to the VoIP/ Cloud platform by 2025. VoIP & cloud is reliant on a resilient  broadband connection, BT does intend for everyone to have acceptable levels of broadband by 2020. This has always been a hot topic within the telecommunications industry, now it has been set in stone, businesses will need to switch to digital, cloud & VoIP solutions moving forward.

How Does The Switch Off Impact Me?

The ISDN & analogue switch off will only affect businesses, households will remain supported. In short, by 2025 your business will NEED to be on the cloud, VoIP or SIP network. So your business should really be considering VoIP & cloud phone systems NOW. Remember your business will need a resilient broadband service when considering VoIP & cloud implementation, you should consider future proofing your business TODAY.

What Steps Can I Take Now?

You can start by reviewing your broadband service to help support potential cloud & VoIP solutions, we would suggest,  EFM or FTTC broadband solutions with new digital systems. In the case that your broadband service is not resilient enough, you could consider a SIP solution. Here at Best 4 Business Communications, we are established, recognized & award winning in providing futureproof cloud solutions, our cloud system is recognized by comms nationals.


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