ISDN Or VoIP Solutions

This was an ongoing question within the telecommunications industry, should your business choose a traditional ISDN solution or should you go fully VoIP? ISDN has been around for many years, it’s established & reliable, VoIP is now being pushed as the ISDN switch off looms closer, VoIP has dependencies on a strong resilient broadband connection.

VoIP Vs ISDNS Systems

Factors ISDN VoIP
Price There can be high costs for ISDN solutions Low costs for vs ISDN.
Faults ISDN related faults can take up to 72 hours to fix. VoIP issues can take up to 10 hours to fix.
 Numbering Your business can be limited to 4-7 local numbers. VoIP has no limitations on chosen phone numbers.


ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) is a very traditional solution where telephony is concerned, ISDN is a set of communications standards for digital transmission of voice, video, data & other network service.  ISDN uses around 64 kilobytes of data per second. where voice is concerned.


Voice Over Internet Protocol, this solution based virtually, VoIP solutions negate the need for phone line rental, as calls are routed over the broadband service. In order for effective VoIP implementation, your broadband service needs to be very resilient & stable. We would suggest EFM or FTTC.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of ISDN Telephony Systems

 ISDN has a great track record & is very traditional, it has proven itself within the telephony arena to have a reliable quality of services, and is very robust with voice, video & data transmission.
 ISDN is a very flexible solution for telephony, ISDN solutions can be used within old phone systems or new state of the art systems.

 Where ISDN is concerned, there can be a number of limited options to keep your inbound and outbound calls in service, if for example your system is unavailable.
 There can be limitations with ISDN & phone numbers, in most cases phone number must be geographical.
 ISDN solutions are not new user friendly, it can be very costly & requires specialized digital devices.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of VoIP Telephony Solutions

 VoIP systems are very flexible & allow businesses to save on capital investment, there is savings on line rental & expensive on site hardware.
You will only need a single network for both voice and data, & in most cases your broadband needs to be resilient & not fast.
 VoIP is very feature rich, & allows your business to incorporate some flexible solutions i.e.  re-routing calls, home working solutions & plug & play anywhere

 VoIP is 100% reliant on your businesses quality & broadband resilience.
 In some cases, investing into VoIP may require your business to rip out old outdated analogue telephony, which can be costly.

Should I Choose ISDN or VoIP?

We have compared VoIP & ISDN alongside each other for business use. Now logically speaking, we should all now be switching to VoIP & cloud solutions, this however is not the case. VoIP & cloud is 100% reliant on the broadband efficiency, so in order to implement an effective VoIP solution, your broadband needs to be resilient. Also your business needs to bear in mind that there is a lack of hot spots for FTTC currently around the UK, the government has now made plans to make sure that everyone by 2020 should have acceptable levels of broadband. This of course is going to hinder some businesses from considering VoIP.

Final Things To Consider For ISDN & VoIP Solutions

We can conclude that choosing between ISDN & VoIP solutions should be solely based around your broadband resilience, if your broadband is effective enough for implementation then we would suggest making the switch to cloud & VoIP, if your broadband is not sufficient enough to route calls over the broadband, then we would suggest using a SIP solutions over a SIP ready phone system, here at Best 4 Business we offer SIP, ISDN & VoIP solutions.

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