Why You Should Upgrade Your Phone System?

There are many system to choose from, when selecting a business telephone system, majority of the time, businesses are unable to effectively assess the market to better understand what solution suits their needs. With leading brands such as Panasonic, NEC, LG & Samsung, it is becoming difficult for a business to choose a system that suits their needs. You should always ask these questions when considering a new phone system:

How many phones will I need?
What features do you require?
Would you like to futureproof your telephony?
Do you have superfast broadband to support a futureproof system?
How would you like this system to slot into your origination?

Signs Your Telephone Systems Needs Upgrading:

The number of employees vastly outnumbers the number of handsets?
The system lacks features for business effectiveness?
Poor voice quality?
Your system does not support SIP or VoIP?
Your systems does not support mobile twinning
What To Consider When You Are Upgrading

How could a new system improve your communication plan?
Will you need fixed or cordless phones?
Would you like to futureproof your phone system?
Do you have superfast broadband?
Are there any features you would like to take advantage of?
Would you like to Unify your communications?

Phone System Features To Consider When Upgrading

 Call Recording

Using call recording allows your business to effectively manage your in & outbound calls. Call recording is a great way to assess your businesses inbound strategy, i.e. how incoming inquiries are dealt with, or to manage trivial disputes. A lot of schools implemented call recording emits hoax terrorist threats, in some industries call recording is imperative for legal reasons.

 Call Reporting

Call reporting is a great way to analyse, average answer times, average time spent on the phone, average time on hold etc. Effectively managing call reporting allows businesses to assess ways in which to improve their inbound call strategy, for example it might be the case that you’re missing incoming inquiries due to prospects being left on hold for too long

 Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration is a great way to unify your PC & telephone, it is great for improving productivity as both phone & PC are synced, features such as click to dial.

Music On Hold 

Did you know that 34% of people who hang up the telephone will not give you a call back, or that 54% of callers believe a business sounds more professional if there is music & or messaging. Music & messaging on hold is becoming more & more prevalent within the business world, it is also a great way to keep your customers informed of changes within the business.

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